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Kettlethorpe Hall Lake

Originally part of the Kettlethorpe Hall ornamental gardens, this small lake is well established with numerous natural features. It will accommodate around 25 anglers with a reasonable sized car park at the entrance.

The fishery:

The fishery predominantly stocks: Bream, Roach, Crucian Carp and Tench with smaller stocks of Chub, Rudd and Perch alongside some very elusive larger Carp.

Popular methods for this venue include pole, waggler and feeder tactics. There are two islands to fish up which are accessible from more than ten pegs. The depth of this lake is quite shallow, around three foot.

How to find:


Access to the water is off the Barnsley road about 500 yds, before Newmillerdam. Heading towards Newmillerdam the entrance can be hard to spot, however, it is just in front of the island bollards in the road on your right.


In June, 2006, the lake suffered a large fish loss due to the lack of oxygen in the water with almost the entire stock of Bream, Crucian Carp, and Tench being lost. A fish survey carried out by the Environment Agency in January, 2007 confirmed the loss of the larger fish and also showed the water to be overstocked with small Roach and Perch that, in the E.A.'s opinion, was the main reason for the problem. The lake has since been restocked.

The Council's Neighbourhood Action Team have been busy installing fishing stages along the field side which will give added comfort to members fishing there.